The method

Ariadni Oikonomidi, a Yoga Instructor & a Sport Science and Physical Education professor is the creator of the “Yoga for Happy Kids” method. This method is the outcome of a systematic study of the children that have been working with her during classes, since she started at 2008.

Yoga for Happy Kids is an alternative exercise method, based on the body shape and the mental development of the kids, at the different age phases.

During the sessions, the approaching of the children takes place based on each kid’s personality, which helps the kids differentiate themselves via a secure pathway that empowers them to learn better themselves.

The sessions are pretty dynamic and fast-paced enough to engage highly the kids. It entails pleasant interactive games & entertainment exercises (asanas), the intensity of which depends on what childhood age group that the instructor addresses.

The children pursuing the “Yoga for Happy Kids” methodology develop a more genuine respect to anybody else, they improve their self-confidence & self-esteem and they are becoming everyday …“happy kids!”

During the Yoga for Happy Kids sessions, kids train their spirit of team-collaboration, solidarity and learn how to cooperate. They learn how to apply certain techniques that empower them to breathe correctly, so that they can manage their stress and efficiently cope with the everyday challenges of our lives.

Yoga for Happy Kids empowers the children to:

  • enhance their body strength
  • become more flexible
  • improve their body stance
  • improve their movement skills
  • learn their bodies better
  • enhance their memory
  • manage their stresst
  • concentrate fast
  • better their self-control