Families who exercised together enjoy the health benefits, as well as deepen their emotional ties. Family yoga combines your own disposal for training and the inexhaustible energy of children. The children find common ground with their parents and come closer to them, while the common goal of exercises makes them feel precious member of the family unit. On the other hand, parents have substantial time with their children without distracting themselves from other obligations. A family that has the experience of family yoga approaches all of its problems in a more functional way, of course the positive memories of the lessons help to reduce the tensions. Family Yoga is so fun, enjoyable and tranquil for everyone!

The ages of children who can participate in a family yoga class are from 2 years of age and above. It is not necessary for the participants to have experience in yoga and generally in gymnastics, since the exercises of each lesson are adjusted to the level of trainees. And of course, the whole family, even the dads, can participate!