Ariadni Oikonomidi teaches yoga since 2008 and she has specialized in Yoga for children.

As a track & field National Champion and graduate of the Sports Science Department, she discovered yoga as a way to deal with the rigorous training track & field trainings. Her thorough experience & understanding about the benefits of yoga, combined with her love for children, motivated her to create the “Yoga for Happy Kids” method. Her vision is to inspire kids from an early age to discover the joy, their inner power & self-esteem through yoga. She has participated in several educational programs about yoga for children, yoga for pregnant and post-pregnancy yoga and she has been educated as a kids & baby-swimming instructor. More than a thousand children have attended her classes.

After her training in the YogaWorks method, she has been teaching Vinyassa yoga tailor-made for adults’ needs, e.g. as part of pursuing therapies or certain muscles strengthening. Her classes are a combination of exercise & concentration for the body, the mind & the heart.

Ariadni has worked in kindergardens, schools, sports facilities, yoga studios & luxury resorts all over Greece. Such as Interactive European School, MyPlayce, Asteras Vouliagmenis, Myconian Collection, Divani Apollon Palace, basketball team Melission. She is also responsible and conducts teacher training at GRAFTS (Greek Athletic & Fitness Training School).

Ariadni's Quote

Yoga for kids is an expression form which via the games & the exercises, it reveals the kid’s personality.

It is a tool that empowers the kids to take some distance to explore, understand & improve themselves so that they finally become friends with all what they stand for, pros & cons.

Thus they build their self-esteem.

It is the one & only exercise form that allows the kid to practice it depending on her physical or mental capabilities & physical or mental condition each day -not every day is the same.